Bridging the gap

Research activities of the Chair of Construction Heritage and Preservation focus on a wide variety of building stocks and technologies as well as design and manufacturing processes. Older and younger (as well as very young) objects along with structurally outstanding engineering structures are investigated. Their (potential) value as monuments as well as challenges regarding their preservation are identified and analyzed at an early stage.

Current trends indicate that the Swiss construction industry is engaging progressively more with renovations, extensions, adaptions and with maintaining the existing building stock instead of building new. At the same time, the construction sector is increasingly using new materials as well as technologically complex construction methods and types of construction without adequately considering the reparability, separability and possibilities of reusing building components. There is a lack of knowledge about the aging and repairability of these constructions and research on the long-term consequences for the building stock hardly exists. Therefore, in order to adequately maintain and sustainably develop the building stock, it is critical to document recent and current construction methods and processes, and investigate how they can be maintained or adapted to changing needs in the future.

Bridging the Gap
The members of our interdisciplinary team stem from the disciplines of architecture, civil engineering and art history among others. Together we bridge the gap between different periods, technologies and methods, and communicate our research through exhibitions, conferences, lectures and publications.