Spreitenbach – «Wir bauen ein Paradies»

Masterthesis FS24
In Collaboration with Chair of Architecture and Design, Prof. Alexandre Theriot
Team: Adrien Comte, Eva Ruof, Reto Wasser

We will venture into the multi-layered, complex terrain, we will explore, we will be on-site, we will document, walk, question, see, seek, try, and experiment.

How should we act on this former battlefield of modernity? What do we envision for a shopping center with 155 free parking slots? Where should we meet if not around the fully climatized indoor fountain? Do we understand what it means to live on the 20th floor overlooking an urbanized valley and gazing into your neighbors living room? Am I in the city or on the field?

How can we, or should we at all, update housing typologies? Do we want to work where we live, do we want to live where we work? Which part of this modern heritage should we preserve? Do we have to change its reading? Can we find a way to energetically refurbish without wrapping the structures in carbon-intensive coats?

How much is enough?

As part of this diploma studio, students will be asked to find their own method of accessing the chosen site and its themes. The chosen methodology should have a fruitful effect on the overall project. Within the precise framework of the building site and challenges, students are free to define their field of action and attitude.