Networking the MENA
Interregional transfers in times of global transformation

An Intellectual Journey: From Analyzing “Genius” towards Researching Architectural Transfer, Dr. Regine Hess

Lecture, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
June 6-8, 2022.

The workshop is organized by Inbal Ben-Asher Gitler (Sapir College/Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) and Tawfiq Da’adli (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and supported by the Israel Science Foundation. 

The international workshop seeks to underscore knowledge transfers that are regional, rather than from Europe. Participants from Israel, the United States, Germany, Greece and Switzerland interrogate the possibilities of a Southeastern perspective against an interdisciplinary background of geography, cultural and architectural history, and archaeology. Their contributions deal with modernization, infrastructure and the city in the Ottoman Empire and mandatory Palestine, with architectural networks and climate in Mediterranean urbanism, challenging accepted narratives and methodologies of North-South architectural transfers.