ATLAS – Advanced Tools for Low-carbon, high-value development of historic architecture in the Alpine Space

EU Forschungsprojekt, Laufzeit: 2018-2021

aims at (re-)discovering all traditional architecture (buildings and ensembles beyond the level of protection). These buildings are often located in neglected areas and provide low levels of energy efficiency and comfort.

The project aims at paving the way for sustainable development of historic structures. This will include capitalizing and optimizing existing best practice solutions for building refurbishment and regional development. Stakeholders of the whole value chain and decision-makers are included in a network to ensure sustainability from social, ecological and cultural points of view.

The expected results are:

– Increased number of high value renovations –considering historic and energetic aspects.
– Improved living comfort and ecological footprint of traditional buildings.
– Capitalized best practice environmental renovations and available guidelines and research studies.
– Municipalities engaged in traditional building renovation.
– Implementation of sustainable use of historic buildings in regional development strategies.
– Better informed building owners and planners.