Hors Saison*

Seminar trip to Davos in the fall semester 2020

Since the development of the antibiotic streptomycin and other drugs against tuberculosis, Swiss sanatoriums and climatic health resorts have been losing significance since 1943. Many of the buildings are converted into hotels towards the end of the Second World War. Arguably the most famous climatic health resort, Davos continues to occupy a special position, particularly because of the “World Economic Forum” which has been held here since 1971.

Following the 1993 film “Hors Saison” by the Swiss director Daniel Schmid, we visit Davos during the quiet “off-​season”, visiting various former sanatoriums, hotel buildings and the congress centre. Together we discuss the development of the place and how the buildings have undergone change. We stay overnight in the famous hotel on Schatzalp, which extends its season exclusively for us by three days.

Budget B (incl. stay and breakfast)

Departure on Sunday, 18.10.20
Return on Wednesday, 21.10.20