Master’s Thesis FS23
In collaboration with Prof. Jan de Vylder, Prof. Dr. Maarten Delbeke

In an evolving city like Zürich, things have happened always more than once:

We can find a repetition of myths, concepts, typologies, elements, construction systems, buildings and components. Once these multiples enter the body of the city, they develop their own life in many different aspects. They are being altered – on material and material levels – some stay almost the same, living parallel lives, others change a lot according to contexts and needs. Sometimes one has disappeared while the other is celebrated as heritage. To detect these multiples and understand their multilayered realities of existence, will be the starting point to ask:

What are the multiples based on?
How many are they?
Since when do they exist?
What was the intention to multiply?
What are the different realities they have experienced?
Who owns them?
Which ones are meant to stay?
How much do they differ in cost?
What are the varying potentials of them?
What do people tell you about it?
Which fates do they have?
And what may happen next?