Justus Dahinden: Trigondorf Zürich

Student: Eileen Welzel

Supervisors: Robin Rehm & Matthias Brenner

“The sensual qualities of architecture affect people’s emotions and thus indirectly their souls.” For Justus Dahinden, architecture has to be more than just useful. Using the expressive shape of the triangle and the bright colors orange, yellow, red or blue, in 1969 Trigon Dorf was built in the valley-like terrain on the Zürichberg, a housing estate that clearly stood out from its architectural context. Nevertheless, the thoughts on the color scheme go much further than Dahinden’s laconic remark about the “playful placement” of the buildings suggests. For in the foreground of his designs is the human being as an emotional and sensual being and the influence of space exerted on him. The painting of the façades is examined just as little by chance as the unifying effect that inevitably arises during a visit to Dahinden’s buildings.