Lecture series in the fall semester 2020

The preservation of historical monuments is dedicated to the preservation and protection of historical buildings. In order not only to react to structural developments, but also to actively shape the further development or reconstruction of the stock, good inventories are indispensable. The seminar is dedicated to younger objects and holdings which, for various reasons, have not yet been systematically recorded or inventoried.

In addition to researching documents from the period of construction and writing a concise scientific text, the focus is particularly on writing an appraisal and justification for protection from the point of view of historic preservation. The fundamentals of scientific work and writing are taught, as well as knowledge of possible protection criteria and monument law.
Within the framework of the core subject, various recent holdings are researched, individual objects are described and discussed with regard to their worthiness as monuments. The focus is particularly on objects that have not yet been inventoried or have hardly been inventoried at all – whether because they are still too young, difficult to justify according to applicable law, or constructively problematic to preserve.