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The polytechnical school as building site

The polytechnical school as building site 1880–1940 Dr. Sarah M. Schlachetzki In the second half of the 19th century, the success story of the Zurich Polytechnic (ETH) was reflected in the rapid expansion of its building stock. It was Gottfried Semper’s students who were significantly involved in this construction phase, especially Alfred Bluntschli and Georg […]

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Structure & Expression

Structure & Expression: Technical Innovations in Skeleton Construction 1950–1980 Doctoral Student: Tiago Matthes In Switzerland, increasing prosperity after 1945 and the accompanying population and economic growth led to an increased demand for educational and research buildings. With the onset of the building boom, there was an expansion of universities in many European countries, especially in […]

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Architecture & Patents

Architecture & Patents. The Buildings of the ETH Domain funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Project Proposal and Director: Prof. Dr. Silke Langenberg and PD Dr. Robin RehmCo-Director and Contact: Dr. Sarah M. Schlachetzki Around 1800, due to the invention of new materials, constructions and machines, architecture began to take on a new […]

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