Masterarbeit HS22
In Zusammenarbeit mit Prof. Jan de Vylder, Prof. Dr. Maarten Delbeke

Zürich is an evolving city.
Changed over and over again.
With every change, some buildings, objects, ideas and regulations are left behind.
They leave traces of a past future and become visible and tangible through memory, heritage and materiality.
The city as a whole is composed of these moments, dating back but also projecting forward.

We will search for these relics, and we want to ask:

What is a relic?
What makes it a relic?
Since when is it a relic?
How long did it take to become a relic?
What is the durability of it?
What was it intended for?
Who used to use it?
Who owns it?
Will it stay?
How much does it cost?
Who profits from it being there?
What is the potential of it?
Who knows about the existence of it?
What do people tell you about it?
And what may happen next?