REPAIR : keep in place

Elective course Fall Semester 2022

Complex constructions that are difficult to maintain and industrial manufacturing processes decrease the lifespan of objects not only in product design but also in architecture. Repairability is becoming less of a concern – replacement seems to be the norm. We need to rethink the way we build, starting already with the planning phase.

In this course, we combine traditional topics of preservation with concepts of repair and FAB initiatives to raise awareness for sustainable thinking and action. Students will learn both traditional and digital methods as well as the basic building and material criteria for repair. The objective is not only the hands-on repair of a building part but especially to learn about the concepts of heritage preservation.

The elective course will discuss and examine the reparability of constructions and building systems. Students will identify building parts in need of maintenance and subsequently develop a repair concept. In groups, they will carry out the repair under expert guidance or possibly with the aid of digital fabrication processes. The objective is to recognize and analyze mechanisms of deterioration and to propose adequate repair measures.

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