Lecture series in the fall semester 2021

The responsible reconstruction and further development of the existing building stock requires knowledge and an understanding of the theoretical positions on conservation and the basics of preservation in practice. This core course conveys this knowledge to students with the help of selected writings and discusses them in the context of various guest lectures. In addition to dealing with historical buildings, the course is also dedicated to younger (and very young) objects and inventories – for in addition to the preservation of already listed objects, the selection and inventorisation of future protected objects is also one of the core tasks of heritage conservation.

In this lecture, students will learn about the theoretical positions on historic monuments and the basics of practical monument preservation. In addition to active participation in the discussions, students will be asked to engage with a topic or object of their own choice in order to be able to develop and comprehensibly justify their own positions within the context of preservation. Our goal here is to foster students’ communication skills and the culture of discussion.