CAS ETH ReMain (Repair and Maintenance)

New CAS programme at the Chair of Construction Heritage and Preservation at ETH Zurich in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering starting in Spring 2024

Buildings, their components and technical systems must meet the constantly increasing requirements of our society in terms of comfort, functionality, load-bearing capacity, and energy efficiency. Today, this demand is usually met through replacement without considering the potential of the existing building stock. This leads to the loss of valuable resources, the extraction of new material, the production of new products and the increase of associated CO2 emissions. Innovative concepts that aim at the long-term conservation of the built environment allow for more sustainable interventions, so that fewer parts need to be replaced and new objects can be repaired.

The new continuing education programme CAS ETH ReMain (in Repair and Maintenance) at ETH Zurich focuses on the scalable repair and maintenance strategies for buildings and their components as well as economic concepts of value preservation. By means of model repair projects, participants will analyze and develop different approaches. The project work is supplemented by a transdisciplinary range of input lectures and workshops.

This programme is aimed at graduates and professionals in the fields of architecture and civil engineering, mechanical and process engineering, as well as product and industrial design. The goal is to train specialists who would like to contribute to sustainability in the construction industry by acquiring the relevant competences. The programme will be offered in English. The application window will open in fall 2023.

Programme Director: Prof. Dr. Silke Langenberg

The programme is a collaboration with Prof. Dr. Mirko Meboldt ( and Prof. Dr. Markus Bambach ( of the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering.

Contact person: Salome Schepers (, Orkun Kasap (

Further information and application portal see here.