«Transparenz und Structural Glazing»

Matthias Brenner, Silke Langenberg and Robin Rehm, «Transparenz und Structural Glazing. Theo Hotz’ UBS-Konferenzgebäude in Zürich», in: k+a Architektur des Geldes, 2023, pp. 32–41.

Theo Hotz’s UBS conference building in Zurich, completed in 1991, combines the construction and the design concept with the design brief in a surprising way. The local aspects of the Grünenhof and the transparency of the glass facades with their powerful light-dark reflections also develop a special presence like the glass surfaces mounted on clamping profiles and the delicate tie rods inside. Sociological implications are activated in a dialectic of “self” and “thing” that was typical of the time (Alfred Lorenzer).