Reparatur als Präparatur

Lipp, Wilfried, in conversation with Florian Hertweck, Silke Langenberg, Alex Nehmer, and Markus Krieger. 2022. “Reparatur Als Präparatur.” Edited by Florian Hertweck, Christian Hiller, Markus Krieger, Alex Nehmer, Anh-Linh Ngo, and Milica Topalović. ARCH+, The Great Repair – Politiken der Reparaturgesellschaft, 56 (250): 50–53.

In the 1990s, Wilfried Lipp, then Regional Conservator of Upper Austria and later President of ICOMOS Austria, coined the term “repair society” with a seminal text, parts of which are republished in this issue. In a conversation with guest editor Florian Hertweck, monument theorist and architect Silke Langenberg, and Alex Nehmer and Markus Krieger of ARCH+, he reflects on its topicality and connectivity to the project The Great Repair.