Materielle und immaterielle Denkmalwerte

Langenberg, Silke, and Hans-Rudolf Meier. 2023. “Materielle Und Immaterielle Denkmalwerte.” In Sein Oder Nichtsein? Theaterbauten in Der Sanierung, edited by Sigrid Brandt, Jörg Haspel, and John Ziesemer, 1st ed., 20–25. ICOMOS Hefte Des Deutschen Nationalkomitees. Berlin: ICOMOS, Nationalkomitee der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

International meeting of the German national Committee of ICOMOS and the German Architecture Museum (DAM) in cooperation with the German UNESCO Commission and PERSPECTIV – Association of Historic Theatres in Europe, 16-17 September 2021. – The general renovation, occasionally also the comprehensive modernisation and extension of listed theatre buildings and opera houses is one of the major conservation and architectural tasks of the present day in Europe. Many houses and their ensembles can look back on a long tradition. They often owe their excellent international reputation to the outstanding artistic reputation of their ensembles and programmes, not infrequently linked to and reinforced by magnificent buildings that serve the performing arts as venues and the audience as auditoriums.