«Gottfried Sempers Aula im Zürcher Eidgenössischen Polytechnikum»

Rehm, Robin, «Gottfried Sempers Aula im Zürcher Eidgenössischen Polytechnikum. Notizen einer Bestandsaufnahme», in: Kunst + Architektur in der Schweiz, 73, 2022, H. 4, pp. 40–49.

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Gottfried Semper’s Zurich Federal Polytechnic was built in the 1860s, i.e. after the first Royal Court Theater in Dresden (1838-41) and before the second Court Theater (1871-78), which was rebuilt as a result of a fire, and the Court Museums and the Hofburg in Vienna (from 1871). With the Aula, the Polytechnic possesses a banqueting hall whose unusually rich, at the same time moderate interior decoration is characterized by a special combination of forms and colors and a resulting intense effect. At present it is being conserved under the direction of the office of Ruggero Tropeano Architects. In order to adequately face problems that arise in the process, the conservation is accompanied by architectural scientific analyses.