Hess, Regine, and AG Architekturkonflikt, eds. 2023. kritische berichte – Zeitschrift für Kunst- und Kulturwissenschaften: Architekturkonflikt. Vol. 51. Nr. 2. Heidelberg:

This issue is dedicated to conflict in architecture. Here, we consider planning and building in at its most important – conflictual – stages, where a multitude of different actors are involved. Architecture and preservation are thus more strongly embedded in the political, social, and historical sciences. Researching controversies and the production of difference are guiding research principles. The working group Architecture Conflict is interested in a historical, source-critical perspective on built and unbuilt architecture, public space, infrastructures, as well as those narratives, institutions and interactions documenting that.

This year’s debate on Queerness in Art Science is continued by the contribution «Queer Spatial Practice: The Forum Queer Archive Munich as storage of memory and feeling».