Mediation of sustainability strategies for buildings though life cycle impacts using educational games.

Doktorand: Fabian Kastner
Kooperationspartner: Chair of Sustainable Construction ETH Zurich

This research projects investigates the role of educational games as mediation tools in the context of sustainability strategies towards buildings. The work is developed in three parts. Previously developed educational games within the context of sustainable approaches towards buildings are used to reflect on innovative approaches towards mediating buildings. The project builds on a previously developed prototype in collaboration with the Game Technology Center (ETH Zurich) and the Chair of Sustainable Construction (ETH Zurich). The prototype includes an interactive building simulation of hotel Schatzalp in Davos focusing on maintenance, heating energy demand and replacements of building components. Life cycle assessment (LCA) and specifically life cycle impacts (LCI) are used as a basis to analyse and mediate an important aspect of sustainability strategies. The prototype will be tested to assess the potential for mediation in two case studies with architecture and civil engineering students, as well as selected workshop participants. In the first case study (pilot), the objective is to assess the usability of the prototype, to evaluate the potential for reflections from the target audience, and to identify possible errors within the test setup. Based on the feedback within the first case study, the prototype will be adapted. In a second case study (full study), the prototype will be assessed in terms of quantitative learning outcomes with the predefined target audience and the prototype will be further developed based on the feedback. Finally, a framework for mediation connects both case studies and the literature review on innovative approaches towards mediation of building sustainability strategies using educational games. Thereby, the project aims at contributing to a better understanding of mediation through educational games within the context of building transformations.