Marc Frochaux in conversation with Silke Langenberg, «TOUT A DE LA VALEUR!», in: Tracés 3530 (04.2023), 2023, pp. 25–27.

Interviews: Natacha Guillaumont, Sophie Delhay and Silke Langenberg, interview by Marc Frochaux
In 2019, the HES-SO Master has joined forces with the UNIGE to set up a Master in Territorial Development (MDT), one of whose orientations is dedicated to landscape. The multi-disciplinary workshop trains students from different backgrounds in the dynamics of the living world.

Sophie Delhay has just joined the architecture department at ENAC-EPFL, where she leads a workshop dedicated to mass housing and community housing, a program that is struggling to renew itself despite social changes.

At EPFZ, Silke Langenberg offers a repair course. Students bring in a damaged object and have to repair it. It’s a way of introducing them to the complex issues involved in the safeguarding project.

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