The Great Repair Berlin

Exhibition in the framework of the ARCH+ The Great Repair publication

Exhibition from 14.10.2023–14.01.2024
Where: Academy of Arts, Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin, Germany

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oday’s ecological crisis, 50 years after the publication of the study The Limits to Growth by the Club of Rome, is no longer just a topic for environmental activists. Its immediate effects impact us all. Nevertheless, resource waste and environmental destruction continue. One reason is growth-oriented narratives of progress, which influence the almost irresolvable conflict between growth and climate protection in favour of market-oriented policies.

The exhibition project “The Great Repair” discusses contradictions between growth and ecology based on architecture’s material culture. It presents more than 40 positions from art, architecture, and spatial practices in which repair becomes a new design paradigm. In the arts and in the cultural and social sciences, there are increasing calls for new strategies to reduce resource consumption and preserve and repair what already exists. The exhibition examines to what extent repair politics and aesthetics from a decolonial, feminist, and posthuman perspective can be a meaningful alternative. Sufficiency, longevity, solidarity, reappropriation, plurality, and care work are explored as politics of a repair society.

In an accompanying workshop programme for visitors, those involved in the exhibition examine these politics for a repair society in indepth discussions.