The Future of Construction: Symposiums on Construction Robotics and Computational Design for Sustainable Construction

WIE BAUEN? Working with the future building stock, Prof. Dr. Silke Langenberg

Keynote as part of the Symposiums on Computational Design for Sustainable Construction, ETH Zürich
June 21, 2022, 9:15 am.

Over the past decades, digital processes have transformed numerous industries, however the construction sector has fallen behind. The field still relies heavily on manual labour, mechanical technology, and established operating procedures. Building design, operations and construction tasks are also bound to gradual change and unpredictable materials. Recent advances in computational methods and robotic technology in architecture and civil engineering are pushing the development and integration of digital solutions.

This is gradually enabling the true potential of the construction sector by exploiting digital technology. The Future of Construction event features two symposiums with complementary topics, i.e. one on Construction Robotics and one on Computational Design for Sustainable Construction. The shared goal of the symposiums is to bring together experts from various fields, such as architecture, sensing, robotics, engineering, computer science, circular construction, computer vision and more. The content addresses challenges for the future of construction, focuses on innovative methods, disseminates knowledge, and establishes a dialogue between participants from academia and industry. This exchange will help identify needs and opportunities between the various involved research fields for successful future collaborations.