Fokus: Nachhaltig Bauen
Inputs and panel discussion on the topic of “Sustainable Construction”

with Silke Langenberg, Guillaume Habert, Roman Köster, Elli Mosayebi, Nicolas Grandjean, Reto Mosimann, ZAS* , Jean-Daniel Gross, Markus Leuthard und Andreas Zimmermann

Building is one of the most resource-intensive human activities – and yet it is essential to our existence as human beings. We shape our environment and operate in this space, which manifests itself in a unique building culture. Given today’s climate, economic, and social challenges, we are striving for a more sustainable building culture.

But how do we define sustainability in a context as complex and diverse as building? And how do we communicate this to society and to current and future generations of architects, engineers, planners, and construction workers? And how do we communicate this to all the other actors who actively shape our building culture?

Lectures and discussions will shed light on problems, opportunities and possibilities on the way to a sustainable building culture from different perspectives.

The event is free of charge, a reservation is mandatory.

When: 17.11.2023, 13:30 – 18:15 h
Where: Landesmuseum Zurich, Auditorium Willy G. S. Hirzel

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13.30–13.40 Begrüssung 
Denise Tonella | SNM  Luca Tori | SNM 
13.40–13.50 Begrüssung & Einführung 
Silke Langenberg | ETH Zürich 
13.50–14.25 Referat 1 | Sustainable Construction 
Guillaume Habert | ETH Zürich 
14.25–15.00 Referat 2 | Müll oder Material. Nachhaltigkeit in historischer Perspektive
Roman Köster | Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften 
15.00-15.10 Pause 
15.10–15.30 Projekt 1 | Kantonsschule Rämibühl 
Elli Mosayebi | EMI Architekten 
15.30–15.50 Projekt 2 | POLYNORM Halle 
Nicolas Grandjean, Reto Mosimann | HEIA-FR 
15.50–16.10 Projekt 3 | Stadthotel Triemli 
Blanka Major, Lukas Ryffel | ZAS 
16.10–16.30 Projekt 4 | Altstadt Bern 
Jean-Daniel Gross | Denkmalpflege Bern 
16.30–16.50 Projekt 5 | Sammlungszentrum Affoltern am Albis 
Markus Leuthard | SNM  Andreas Zimmermann | Zimmermann Sutter Architekten AG 
16.50–17.10 Pause 
17.10–18.15 Podiumsdiskussion 
Silke Langenberg | ETH Zürich (Moderation) 
Daniel Baumann | Hochbauamt Kanton Zürich; Stefan Kunz | Schweizer Heimatschutz; Elli Mosayebi | ETH Zürich; Laurent Stalder | ETH Zürich 
18.15 Apéro