CAAD Futures 2023

Conference 5.–7. July 2023, TU Delft

Dominik Reisach: “A Design-to-Fabrication Workflow for Free-Form Timber Structures using Offcuts”
Presentation of the paper in Session 6 – Digital Design, Materials and Fabrication
7. July 2023

About CAAD Futures: CAAD Futures ( is a biannual international conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design. CAAD Futures is profiled for advancing and documenting high-standard scientific research progress in the field. Its Community is richly diverse, aiming at broad interdisciplinary contributions as crucial in the built environment and widely supported by the potentials of computation. CAAD Futures’ Board: Prof. dr. Thomas Kvan, Chair; Prof. dr. Gabriela Celani, Vice-Chair; Prof. dr. Mine Özkar, Vice-Chair.