The Chair of Construction Heritage and Preservation engages with theoretical and practical challenges of methodical collecting, assessing and preserving of monuments. It is affiliated with the Institute of Construction History and Preservation (IDB) as well as the Institute for Technology in Architecture (ITA).

Knowledge of traditional construction methods, materials, architectural design principles and building processes is essential for a professional and responsible handling of historic buildings. With regard to the future development of the building stock it seems equally important to consider younger and even current processes. New building materials, construction methods and “trends” are increasingly affecting architecture and an accelerated implementation of new ideas and technologies can be recognised in the building sector. Currently, there is a lack of knowledge about the aging and reparability of such new constructions and research on long-​term consequences for the building stock seems inadequate.

Research focusses on diverse building stocks, both older and younger (as well as very young), questions of their value as monuments and challenges concerning their conservation. Within this context, the structurally outstanding engineering works in Switzerland as well as the built examples of newly developed construction processes and methods are of special interest. Teaching activities include elective courses and core seminars which allow students to study and discuss current issues in-​depth. The lecture concentrates on the theoretical and practical basics of preservation. A new Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Construction History and Preservation is currently being prepared in close cooperation with the Chair of Building Archaeology and Construction History.

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