3D Druck mit Restmaterialien

Kontakt: Dominik Reisach
Kollaboration mit Digital Building Technologies, ETH Zürich und Lasa Marmo

The application of additive manufacturing technologies such as 3d-printing to architectural preservation can allow for repairing and remanufacturing of complex building elements of heritage objects using original materials. This becomes especially relevant where the original manufacturing methods are no longer accessible or too difficult to emulate. 

The project “3d printing with residual materials” aims to demonstrate the potentials of applying architectural-scale 3d-printing using residual materials within the context of historical buildings and preservation. Residual marble dust from local quarries in Laas (IT) are used to 3d-print facade tiles for the uncompleted façade of the Chiesa di San Marcuola in Venice. Through testing and prototyping, it will be possible to learn from the challenges of bespoke analysis and manufacturing methods within the context historical buildings.

Fotografie: Alejandro Merizalde