Environmental Sustainability and Building Preservation: Exploring Strategies for Interdisciplinary Dissemination in Higher Education and Beyond

Doctoral Candidate: Fabian Kastner
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Guillaume Habert, Chair of Sustainable Construction, ETH Zurich

This research projects investigates the role of dissemination tools, especially educational games, in the context of sustainability strategies for building transformations. The work is developed in three parts focusing on (1) the intersection of preservation and environmental sustainability in literature, (2) LCA of building transformations using the case study of Hotel Schatzalp, (3) dissemination tools and transfer frameworks, particularly educational games. The project builds on newly developed prototypes as dissemination tools for non-experts and beyond in collaboration with the Game Technology Center (ETH Zurich) and the Chair of Sustainable Construction (ETH Zurich). A literature review on the intersection of preservation and environmental sustainability, as well as previously developed educational games within the given context are used to reflect on current approaches towards environmental sustainability and their dissemination. The tools developed within the scope of the project include building simulations of Hotel Schatzalp in Davos focusing on refurbishment scenarios. Life cycle assessment (LCA) and specifically life cycle impacts (LCI) are used as a basis to analyse and disseminate relevant parameters of environmental sustainability strategies. Usability tests are used to assess the tools‘ potentials. Finally, the project aims to contribute to a better understanding of applying innovative digital approaches for disseminating preservation as a sustainability strategy for existing buildings.